Monday, March 28, 2011

Brandon Forbes Meets Cantillion

I went to Stone Bistro last night and had the amazing opportunity to meet the brewer of Cantillion. He brews such illustrious beers as Iris, the classic gueze, the Kriek, and many more. If you are into craft beer this was definitely the place to be. All who live local to San Diego don't forget about real ale at Pizza Port in Carlsbad. It's popping off in April. Till next time

Brandon Forbes

Friday, March 25, 2011

Brandon Forbes Consults Business Professionals

PRLog (Press Release)Mar 25, 2011 – The way business is established online is through web-design, SEO, networking, and social media. Now you can go beyond this but this is what you need bare minimum. Now the issue with that is that you have to outsource to a SEO, outsource to a web guy, then outsource to someone else for your social media and networking. Now the problem with this is you as the business owner are now paying a crap load to outsource to multiple people/companies. Pro-Insites and their team of professionals have now brought all of that under one umbrella, and they do it all for LESS THAN YOU WOULD PAY A MINIMUM WAGE EMPLOYEE!!! Now this is an amazing tool especially for any kind of a start up company. So contact Pro-Insites and see how the can help you establish your business online as well as putting more  money in your pocket. This is a no brainer