Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Invigorate all stages of your SEO campaign Part 2

So here are some rules I tend to apply when getting any type of traffic to our sales pages. This too would include any pages where you want something to happen.
1. Define the goal of your pages.
It sounds very simple but very few businesses do it. What is the intended purpose of the page that you are putting work and effort into to get it ranked?
  • Make a sale.
  • Sell a service.
  • Acquire a lead, subscriber, etc.
  • Sell advertising, Adsense, banner, etc.
  • Pre-selling and clicking through to an affiliate program.
  • General information/content pages for branding and building client relations.
2. Test to increase results.
SEO can increase traffic to a website however if the intended goal is not being achieved the task is pointless. Therefore testing must be carried out to make sure that your pages are achieving the goals at an optimal level that they have been built for.
Some averages on pages are for example…
  • Sales – 1%
  • Subscriptions – 20%
If you are not achieving such results, either your sales copy needs improving or you are targeting the wrong keywords for your page.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Invigorate all stages of your SEO campaign

Most business owners start off with the right intention. More rankings, leads to more traffic, leads to more sales.  Unfortunately, somewhere from the beginning stages with some decent traffic to the middle stages of an SEO campaign the initial reason for doing SEO is forgotten. That reason is and always will be; making increased profits.

Why does this happen? The most common reasons include...
  • Being so happy about the increased traffic, the business owner/SEO contractor over extends themselves rather than sticking to their initial SEO planning.
  • Trying to achieve high rankings on too many keywords for a single web page. This decreases targeted traffic and sale conversion rates.
  • Deciding to take short cuts with there off site optimization campaigns.
  • Not constantly testing to improve conversion rates on each and every sales page whether selling a product or service.
We offer an unwavering approach to SEO. By keeping our intention at the forefront of our approach we assure that not only will we maintain the gains we generate, but we will continue to expand and extend the goals we build in your SEO campaign.  
(In our next note of the SEO series,  I will share some rules I tend to apply to avoid these and other common pitfalls in SEO)


Friday, May 20, 2011

Brandon Forbes Talks About The Wild Wild West

The internet today in a lot of senses is like the wild wild west. It is highly unregulated and very cut throat. An article written by New York Times tells a story of a lady who went through some hardship because of this. It used to be that if you received negative reviews online it didn’t matter because it would still make you rank higher on Google. Now Google has changed that by releasing a new algorithm that actually combats that. If you receive a  negative review online then it will now actually hurt your rank. Reviews are becoming more and more important in online business. In fact a report released by ABC and USA Today stated that 80% of new business is now being generated through reviews.  So the questions I ask you:
Have you “googled” your business latley?

What are people saying about you?

How many of your happy customers actually make it home to write a review?

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Brandon Forbes

Brandon Forbes Rants About Yelp Issues

With all the hype about online reviews and how they affect your business, it’s often difficult to decide what route you should take as a business owner in dealing with them. Companies like Yelp don’t make it any easier. At times it even seems they encourage consumers to write out right slanderous reviews. Now, as a business owner how are you to decide how to deal with this?
An article written by Keely Kolmes of the New York Times states:
“Some doctors address this problem by requiring their patients to sign forms promising not to post reviews of services on Web sites. A company called Medical Justice, which helps doctors fend off malpractice suits, has encouraged its clients to have patients sign agreements giving the doctors control over Web postings mentioning their practices.”
This is a method you can definitely try, but not one I would recommend. It’s trying to go around the problem instead of working through it. People will always complain no matter what you do. You need to take a 3rd party approach. Having someone gather reviews and syndicating them as well as defending negative reviews is essential in todays business. Call Pro-Insites today to see how we can help