Monday, January 24, 2011

Brandon Says True Friends Follow Blogs

Okay, I know there are two sides of the fence. On one side of the fence stands everyone who loves to blog and write mini stories about every single thing that happens in their life. Although that is awesome there is another side of the fence. There are people on the other side of the fence that trash all the people who spend all of their time on blogger and facebook/farmville and twitter. Saying there is so much more to life than to waste your day being consumed with stuff you did 10 min. ago.
Here is the thing. Blogger, Facebook, twitter, tumblr, mellow, and so on, as pointless as some people might see them, they are not pointless. They are great tools for anybody to utilize to help create maximum exposure to their idea or business. So whether you agree with it or not follow a friends blog.. you might just be helping them make money.

Brandon Forbes