Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Costly SEO myths and misinformation

When it comes to SEO, myths and misinformation can cost you a hell of a lot!
  • Lost rankings.
  • Lost time.
  • Marketing budget costs.
  • Loss of profits and sales.
As stated previously, when working in a small business, time is precious. At ProInsites we realize that it is therefore imperative that we get some of this misinformation about SEO out of the way so that you may focus on SEO that will produce results and income for your business.
1. SEO is difficult.
You may have heard the saying, ” SEO is not rocket science” or you may have been told that ” SEO is  extremely difficult and one needs a computer science degree to do it”.
Well, the first comment is the closest description although an additional part was left off…
SEO is not rocket science however it is time consuming!”

Quality SEO can be accomplished and when a business is willing to devote some money and time to it. It is no different to any other service that requires skill and knowledge to execute. At ProInsites we only implement quality SEO because we acknowledge that a certain amount of time must be put in to achieve results and obtain a level of proficiency.
As for the people saying SEO is too hard, have you noticed who they usually are?
You guessed it, the big companies or individuals who are charging mega bucks for their SEO services. They certainly don’t want every company learning SEO or developing quality standards that they can’t compete with? That would mean loss of business and them having to decrease their outlandish fees! Wouldn’t that be a pity.
2. SEO submissions.
The days of submitting your website to the major search engines is long gone.   To get your whole site indexed and rolling forward we will simply submit one of your pages to any of the major social media sites, submit a press release using a PR service or build an xml sitemap and submit it to Google sitemaps.
3. Submit to thousands of search engines.
This one I truly love! Thousands of search engines usually mean hundreds of tiny search engines and directories no one uses plus thousands of ‘Free For All” (FFA) pages that will quickly deflate your rankings on any search engine.
Apart from some search engines based on your business theme and local search, the only search engines you need to be on are these top 5.
As you can see from the statistics from 2007 they make up over 90% of all searches done online using a major search engine.
4. The goal is to get as many top rankings as possible.
As discussed earlier, the goal is to get the maximum return of investment for your SEO efforts.
(In our next note of the SEO series, I will share how to keep your rankings in place using SEO long term strategies)

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