Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Invigorate all stages of your SEO campaign Part 2

So here are some rules I tend to apply when getting any type of traffic to our sales pages. This too would include any pages where you want something to happen.
1. Define the goal of your pages.
It sounds very simple but very few businesses do it. What is the intended purpose of the page that you are putting work and effort into to get it ranked?
  • Make a sale.
  • Sell a service.
  • Acquire a lead, subscriber, etc.
  • Sell advertising, Adsense, banner, etc.
  • Pre-selling and clicking through to an affiliate program.
  • General information/content pages for branding and building client relations.
2. Test to increase results.
SEO can increase traffic to a website however if the intended goal is not being achieved the task is pointless. Therefore testing must be carried out to make sure that your pages are achieving the goals at an optimal level that they have been built for.
Some averages on pages are for example…
  • Sales – 1%
  • Subscriptions – 20%
If you are not achieving such results, either your sales copy needs improving or you are targeting the wrong keywords for your page.


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