Friday, May 20, 2011

Brandon Forbes Talks About The Wild Wild West

The internet today in a lot of senses is like the wild wild west. It is highly unregulated and very cut throat. An article written by New York Times tells a story of a lady who went through some hardship because of this. It used to be that if you received negative reviews online it didn’t matter because it would still make you rank higher on Google. Now Google has changed that by releasing a new algorithm that actually combats that. If you receive a  negative review online then it will now actually hurt your rank. Reviews are becoming more and more important in online business. In fact a report released by ABC and USA Today stated that 80% of new business is now being generated through reviews.  So the questions I ask you:
Have you “googled” your business latley?

What are people saying about you?

How many of your happy customers actually make it home to write a review?

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Brandon Forbes

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