Monday, May 30, 2011

Invigorate all stages of your SEO campaign

Most business owners start off with the right intention. More rankings, leads to more traffic, leads to more sales.  Unfortunately, somewhere from the beginning stages with some decent traffic to the middle stages of an SEO campaign the initial reason for doing SEO is forgotten. That reason is and always will be; making increased profits.

Why does this happen? The most common reasons include...
  • Being so happy about the increased traffic, the business owner/SEO contractor over extends themselves rather than sticking to their initial SEO planning.
  • Trying to achieve high rankings on too many keywords for a single web page. This decreases targeted traffic and sale conversion rates.
  • Deciding to take short cuts with there off site optimization campaigns.
  • Not constantly testing to improve conversion rates on each and every sales page whether selling a product or service.
We offer an unwavering approach to SEO. By keeping our intention at the forefront of our approach we assure that not only will we maintain the gains we generate, but we will continue to expand and extend the goals we build in your SEO campaign.  
(In our next note of the SEO series,  I will share some rules I tend to apply to avoid these and other common pitfalls in SEO)


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